Many different people are buying Allergenius! Whether they have allergies or not, our product is delicious and safe for anyone, anywhere.
We are proud to announce our first large order! We will be baking 100 large, custom, logo cookies for the grand opening of Aligned Modern Health in Danada Square, Wheaton!! They came to us to "support local businesses", and we love to support local too! Check out the event on June 7th at their location in Danada Square!
Our team had the opportunity to sample our premade cookies at the 2018 Chili Cook-off in downtown Wheaton. We used a survey to acquire reviews on our cookies from anyone that took a free sample. The graphics below show the data we collected. Overall, people like our cookies! You can expect to see us at more local events, such as the Farmer's Market in downtown Wheaton. We would love your feedback!
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