About the
Allergenius Baking Co.
From a simple idea to a local business start-up; read how Allergenius was started by 3 high school students.
After enrolling in a business incubator class at the local high school, students Josh, Maddie, and Anya created a product called "Allergenius". Given that two of the three members are plagued by severe food allergies, the team was inspired to make a product that was safe for anyone with an allergy to consume. After a year of hard work in the Business INCubator course at Wheaton North, the team took their idea to the INCubatorEDU national pitch competition and won first place and $15,000 to assist in the startup of their business. Meet the founders.
Brilliant baker, Allergenius idea creator, and avid allergy awareness advocate; meet Maddie. Living with a severe dairy allergy has helped Maddie learn the in's and out's of allergy safe baking. Using her superior and innovative background on cooking with allergy safe ingredients, Allergenius was able to develop its own unique recipes and products. She is the mastermind behind the delicious cookies in each box!
Tech savvy with a creative eye; meet Josh. Although the only member of the group without a food allergy, Josh is responsible for any graphic media content online or at our events. Skilled with cameras, Josh is behind most of our beautiful photos and videos on our social media, YouTube, and this site. He is the mastermind behind the technological and marketing demands of Allergenius.
Visionary, public speaking prodigy with a passion; meet Anya. Drawn to Maddie's food allergy-free product idea, Anya developed a connection with Allergenius due to her tree nut allergy. With her background as a speech team member, Anya represents herself as the voice of Allergenius. If you see her at a local food sales event, we can promise that Anya will greet you with a smile! She is the mastermind business woman.